• Chinese under the bridge - Photographers who shoot a whole fashion show, deliver the pictures but have no clue of which designer it was.
  • Crazy Uncle - You only find him at small shows of starting designers, and he is often family. You'll recognize him by the clothes and shoes he wears: All wrong (Mephisto shoes, photo-vest, toy-camera). He ALWAYS appears in the frame of the professional photographer and stands in the way. He doesn't have a clue about everything. Related to: crazy aunt.
  • Dickies - Comfortable, ugly looking shoes like Mephisto's, Clarks and Timberlands. Often worn by not so young men with sour feet who stand around a lot. Like photographers.
  • Dubai show - A too colorful, too shiny, too long, over the top glamorous show with bad music and a plastic/botox front row.
  • In Siberia - It is the worse place on the photographers-platform. It's never in the middle, but always on the very side behind everyone else where you can hardly see the runway. Your pictures will look very bad.
  • Ken Downing - You follow an important fashion person during the whole fashion season. As in: doing a ‘Ken Downing’.
  • Kirking - It is a verb, as in: you are kirking! It means to fall asleep while eating dinner with colleagues, while gently rolling ones upper body in a semicircle while wanting to go to sleep, eyes flipping inward uncontrollably. It happens because of jetlag and is age related. There is no cure yet.
  • Koblenko’s - Camera’s love them, they always come in pairs. These are spherical photographic lights which produce a refined light very much appreciated by high end photographers. They are named after a Russian physician who almost won the Nobel-prize for Physics in 1956.
  • Magic Block - A device catwalkphotographers use at the platform in front of the catwalk to elevate a few inches. They need to be higher than the person in front of them. Most of the time it's made of superlight material, made by NASA. Nicknames: Sushiblock, Catalan Cake and Dutch Cheese
  • No go girl - Young PR-girls with tight lips who say NO to anything you ask (they especially withold you from going from front to backstage.
  • Real Highlander - There are only a few. Famous ones are Sonia Rykiel, Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani and Vivienne Westwood. They're around for at least 75 years and have designed over 750 different collections. The rumour goes they survive by sucking blood of male virgins to revitalize in between seasons.
  • Sillyputty - Sticky tape, looks like gum, used to keep everything in place during a fashion shoot.
  • Stevie Wonder Collection - Means: not good! Whenever you see a collection and you run out of words to describe how bad it was, you call it a Stevie Wonder Collection. It's just a nice way to say the collection sucks.
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